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Carolina Main Street and the Main Street Register are products developed and distributed by The Spider Press, Inc. So who is The Spider Press, Inc.?

Run as a family owned business, The Spider Press is comprised of a handful of individuals who are grateful and content to call North Carolina home. Just like you, we live, play, and work here. We recognize that, as residents of North Carolina, we have a unique and wonderful history and culture coupled with a bounty of nature's gifts. Our neighboring communities are comprised of outstanding and interesting individuals whose stories should be known. Partially to say "thank you", but also to spread the word we endeavor to "Celebrate Community in North Carolina." It is our goal to provide you with entertaining, engaging, and informative content in a consistent, appealing, and family friendly manner. The businesses and organizations represented throughout our pages are your neighbors. They, as do we, appreciate your patronage and welcome you to enjoy North Carolina to the fullest.

We extend an open invitation for YOU to Participate and be a part of the Carolina Main Street community by submitting photos, tips, essays, recipes, suggestions and other information about why you think North Carolina is so wonderful. Believe us, others are very interested to know.