Tyrrell County

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Tyrrell County includes the following markets:

Cities, Towns and Municipalities:


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Tyrrell County

County Seat



4,407 - 2010 US Census

Land Area

389.04 sq. mi.

USDA Climate/Hardiness Zone

7b (5 to 10 F) through 8a (10 to 15 F)


Darryl Liverman

District Attorney

Seth Edwards

Register of Deeds

Melanie Armstrong

Clerk of Court

Angie Sexton

County Manager

Willie M. Carawan, Jr.

Sponsored Organizations

NC Cooperative Extension - Tyrell County

Frank Winslow - County Extension Director


Tyrrell County Government


Pettigrew Regional Library System


Tyrrell County Sheriff's Department

Darryl Liverman - Tyrrell County Sheriff


Tyrrell County Public Schools

Michael J. Dunsmore - Superintendent